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Scouts Canada - Ottawa Food Bank

Food Drive

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Scouts Canada will be doing our annual Food Drive at the Metro stores in Ottawa.  Cubs and Scouts will be at the Metro stores collecting food, with Venturers and Rovers at the Ottawa Food Bank main warehouse sorting the food that is collected. 

With assistance from Purolator, we are the only food drive in the Ottawa area that collects, sorts the food, and counts the money for the Ottawa Food Bank on the day of the drive.  This allows the Food Bank to start using the donations on Monday morning, instead of most other food drives that takes a week or more before they can be used.  Purolator assists by bringing us the donations through the day to the sorting station to get the food sorted.

Anyone requiring more information, please contact your Area Coordinator

Any Venturers and Rovers wanting to register for the sorting station, you can register here

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